Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Attacks on Christians in India

"We've highest regard for Christ and Christians' work in health and education fields. The attack is only on groups engaged in conversion." So that justifies the attack on (claimed to be a case of mistaken identity) the Adoration Monastery in Mangalore, where the nuns do nothing else but pray 24x7.

Elsewhere, bomb blasts from Muslim Terrorists rip the limbs of common man in N Delhi.

In both cases the perpetrator is an Indian and Indians have suffered.

My head hangs in shame. And all I can do is blog!

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vivek said...

Hello Sir
You told that the attack is only on groups engaged in conversion.But I cant completely agree with that.They attacked catholics and their churches who were innocent in this issue. Churches like Catholics,Orthodox,Marthoma,
Jacobites wont compel anyone to come to christianity.But the people attached these churches and their missionaries too..

Amitabh Mukherjee said...

Vivek I take your point. But notice that the first sentence is in quotes. I just reproduced what the Karnataka state Bajrang Dal unit leader had to say by way of justification. I am surprised he is still not arrested.

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