Sunday, September 21, 2008

Suicide Bombing in Pakistan

I could replace Pakistan with any other country and the headline would be true - if not today, then tomorrow. The only thing that is different is that the conduit has become the target. Much like drugs.

The reaction is always the same: "We will not rest till the last terrorist is removed from the land." This is not going to work. The focus is misdirected. The terrorist is the last link. No amount of security beef-up can stop individuals from striking terror.

Who funds these terrorists? How do they get the constant supply of arms and ammunition? It is almost as if there is a parallel economy running. From the production to distribution - the scale cannot be small. I am sure the entire supply chain can be located in matter of months, if not days. After all, this is not cottage industry. What is required is to throttle the supply chain. How difficult can that be? If bank accounts of all known sources are frozen, will that not make a difference?

And if I can think of all this sitting in the comfort of my house, can't those who are in the thick of the action think of this? I am sure they are aware of this. Then why don't I see headlines that go: "All terror accounts frozen" or "Prominent industrialist arrsted for funding terror" or "company closes down after terror scandal"?

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Munnabhai Blogger said...

It's nice to see that you're concerned about the terrorist acivities and wish to see a solution - Fast ! But, who will give the solution ? A minority government who enjoys the support of the regional parties with `tainted MPs' ? Or do you think that a criminal MP or MLA , `WANTED' in many murder cases would ask a question in the Lok sabha ?
You have not seen how the Armed Forces personnel in J & K or even the police forces are targetted by the political parties or the so called human rights acivisits.. Blaming them for hurting / harming the `Innocent' people ..
Then there are toothless law enforcement authorities who are expected to show the strength of their jaws.. The Big question is reall-- Who'll think ? Who'll act ? Who'll appreciate the people who are acting ?
What is our nation paying to the sincere Armed forces / Police Forces personnel who fight the terrorist and lay their lives ? Answere is : Homage.
I urge upon folks like you... Please don't find solutions to the national problems sitting in your drawing rooms... Come out and contribute in any possible way ... These problems are quite complex and whole world is searching for soulutions... Let's find them together.. !

Amitabh Mukherjee said...

Thank you for your comments. I need to clarify:
1) I wish a quick solution to this problem, it is true. But I do not believe it to be possible.

2) My post is not directed towards any specific government. And I do not think local effort by any one government - India or any other country - is going to be effective. I believe this will require a concerted effort across governments. Much like the NSG (only more effective). The idea is to throttle the supply chain and the supply chain to my understanding spans countries. If US focuses on what I think is the solution, it would require one-tenth of the money and effort already spent on war on terrorism.

3) This is controversial, but I do believe that world would be a better place to live if all us do what we are best at doing. I have no intention of coming out of my "drawing room" and search for solutions r contribute. I contribute in my own effective way in my job and I believe I am moderately successful in that. There are too many people trying to contribute by coming out pf their drawing rooms. I do not wish to be one of them.

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