Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Will American Meltdown Help India?

Some people seem to think a meltdown of America will help India. I haven't heard of a more foolish hypothesis. I am as pro-Indian as any other Indian but this is ridiculous. In this global village we are all connected. A well balanced article on this is here.

Also see here.

Growth of a country is driven by positive actions. It does not depend how poorly someone else is fairing.

And in this age it depends upon who is in the fore-front of technology. America, Japan and countries in Europe are where they are because of their innovations and progress made in manufacturing industry. Those countries did not let go and ushered in the communication age. Scientific and Technological breakthroughs have been the driving force.

Now if we were to make a breakthrough into some new technology - for example, if we were the first to develop technology to enable super conductivity at normal temperature (say, 40 deg Celsius), that would catapult us to the top of nations. Or say, we could become the nerve centre of nano technology, then we too will have a story to tell.

Note: The photograph used belongs to Julia Freeman-Woolpert. Please go here to see more such photographs.

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