Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Maternity Leave

The Govt of India has agreed to increase the maternity leave from the existing 3 months to six months.
In addition, mothers will get 2 years of paid leave to take care of their children - during examination or illness.
This applies only to the women employed by Central Government.
For now.

I hope the private sector follow suit. The women in the private sector must not exploit such facilities though. I know of numerous cases where after availing of the maternity leave the woman employee resigns within 15 days of rejoining. Only to join some other lucrative job. There is nothing illegal about this, I am sure, but seems like shameless exploitation of facilities. You see the long leaves have a built-in trust factor that to my mind is violated here.

That said, this is will give an opportunity to so many women who cannot follow a career due to family constraints. A welcome move!

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