Sunday, September 28, 2008

Learning Chess from Bobby Fischer Himself

Glass Chess Board
As I encourage my sons to take up chess, I cannot think of any other book except Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess. My friend, Ashish Balaya, introduced me to this when we were doing our masters together. And in all these years OI have not come across a more effective way of learning chess.

The book is as simple as it is effective. Perhaps that is the mark of the genius that Fisher was. Every concept is presented as a set problem-solution picture form. And it gradually takes you to ever increasing complexity. The best way to learn from this book is by recreating the pictures (even for the simplest ones) on the actual chessboard.

Surprisingly when I searched this book at Foyles I could not find it. I finally found it in Bangalore! Please buy this book and give to your kids. You will surely thank me.

This book will not make you a Grandmaster. But, it will definitely make you fall in love with chess. I recommend it very strongly.

Note: The photograph used belongs to Katia Stamenova. Please go here to see more such photographs.

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MLundin617 said...

I remember reading a chess book by Bobby Fischer when I was a kid. I can't remember if it was this particular book, though. I still remember his progression from simple to difficult, and the focus on the "back rank." It certainly made me a stronger player.

Amitabh Mukherjee said...

Thanks for your comment.

Yes this is the one that focuses on "back rank". I am glad someone else also thinks this is a good book.

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