Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Please wear helmet

"Cops snuff out youth's life" screams a Deccan Herald news item. I think it is just to grab attention. Read through the news details and the tragedy hits your guts. A 26 year old college student going to collect his offer letter for a job fell from a motorcycle when a policeman tried to grab the speeding motorcycle on the busy highway. The bike rider wore no helmet and the police were trying to book the offenders.

Perhaps, the police could have tried other methods to stop the motorcycle. Grabing the handle of a bike is guaranteed to throw the biker off leading to serious accident, if not death. But why don't people wear helmet on bikes?

Perhaps they thing the laws of physics donot apply to them.

Frankly I do not feel sorry for the kid who died, as heartless as it may seem. I feel sorry for his parents.

My heart feels heavy as I type.

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