Sunday, September 21, 2008

TZP for the Oscars

Another year. Another good movie sent as India's entry to the Oscar. And with it hopes of a few hundred Indians that this year we will make it at the Oscar.

But what is this craze?
Are we so hungry for recognition by the west? Are Oscars the ultimate in recognition of cinematic quality? Shouldn't cinema be judged by the audience? If it is a box office hit, then the movie is good.

Ok, so it is nice to see where you stand in world competition? But Oscar is no Olympics. And how does one compare two different styles of cinema?

The Oscars have sold themselves rather well, I must say. The glitz and glamour has obviously caught the imagination of the Indians. But does every news channel and newspaper have to carry this news as a breaking news / front page news?

And is there a commercial angle to it? If we win the Oscars will the western market open up for Indian cinema? I wish someone would do an ROI analysis.

Having said that, Tarre Zamin Par is a good movie. I hope it wins ;-) I am a die hard Hindi movie fan, after all.

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