Thursday, June 18, 2009

Superlative Customer Service

You know what? I would love to see on an e-mail?

1) Instead of ...

This is a system generated email Please do not reply to this email.

this ...

This is *not* a system generated email. I have written this mail to you personally to show how much we care about your business. Should you have any concern or feedback, please feel free to respond to this e-mail. I will also recommend that you save my e-mail address in your contacts list in case you need to communicate to me in future.

2) Instead of ...

You are requested to make payment on or before due date.

this ...

You payment due date falls on xx/yy/zzzz. Your timely payment helps us give you superior service. However, if for some reason you are unable to make the payment on or before due date, please call me up and we will work out together and design a new package for you.

3) Instead of ...

For Refund through credit card 5% bank charges applicable

this ...

Since you have provided us with substantial business last year, we will wave off the 5% bank charges that are applicable for refund through credit card.

This is an example of a superior customer service. I reproduce the entire mail here ...

Thank you very much for registering for The MathWorks seminar.
Just one clarification:
You have registered for the Chennai seminar organized at Le Meridien, Chennai for 10th July but your location is Bangalore. Kindly confirm

Thanks & Regards

As it turned out, I had indeed made a mistake. Now, that is customer service for you.

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