Saturday, June 13, 2009

Want to be rich? - Part 4

This was the mid nineties (I think, or early nineties).
India was truly on the way to reforms.
The share market had recovered from the Harshad Mehta scandal.
Things were looking up.
It was possible to trade online on National Stock Exchange (NSE).

I was lucky to be working at a place where colleagues were friends too.
We decided to become rich by investing in share market.
Though I had burnt myself badly in my tryst with the share market, I was drawn into this venture.
Basically, I derived strength from numbers.

We started reading economic times.
We decided that Initial Public Offerings are too risky.
It is better to trade direct.

One day, this friend of mine brought in an analysis on Kishko Cutlery.
The recommendation was buy.
We rushed to the nearest online trading centre - this was a good 20km away.
I purchased 100 shares.
The shares plunged soon after.
All my fears about the share markets came back to haunt me.

Later, much later I learnt the dynamics of market movement and newspaper reports.

Lesson: If it is in the newspaper, you are already very late.

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