Monday, June 15, 2009

Want to be rich? - Part 8

There is just one golden rule when it comes to becoming rich. Aand that is ...

You should earn money even when you are not present.

So that rules out jobs.
Or even business where you need to be present all times.

Building a business where you employ clever employees is definitely a very big yes.
Investments in property, shares, mutual funds are a yes.
And surprise, surprise, monetized blogs (such as this one) are also a yes. At least for some (No! Not me! Not yet!)

The trick is to start early.
Reason: You have sufficient time to recover from setbacks - there will be setbacks, guaranteed. Youth is not risk averse. So that helps.

More importantly, the real benefit of compound interest kicks in.

How much do you think you get if you invest merely Rs. 2000 per year for 25 years that returns you 10% compounded annually. It is Rs. 2,16,363 ( more than 4 times)

You are risk averse?
You would like to put the money in a recurring deposit bank scheme that gives you just 5% returns compounded. In 25 years your money will become Rs. 1,00,227 (a shade over double)

But you should have 25 years with you. So don't start at 40. Start when you are 25 years old.

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