Monday, June 15, 2009

Want to be rich? - Part 9

Of all the books that I have read on becoming rich, only one - just one - makes any sense. All others books in the market draw heavily from this one book and add their own ridiculous modus operandi (not all, but many).

Ridiculous because, these books assume that the personal examples they quote works out of context too. Since most of these books are written by America-based authors, most do not even apply to other countries, in any case.

But this book is different. It is like one of the classics that transcends time and space.

It goes by the name The Richest Man in Babylon by Richard S. Clason.

Buy this book (by clicking on the link above from Amazon or from your local book store). It is a thin book and contains all the wisdom you will even need to become rich.

How well you apply the wisdom is up to the readers, of course.

The least the wisdom will do is ensure that you will never become poor.

I wish to end this series of Want to Become Rich? with this post. I have tried to pass on whatever wisdom I have gathered over the years. This may not suit everyone, but will give you something to think about. Many of the lessons drawn are common place. Well ... what can you do about it? I hope you have enjoyed this series of post as much as I did typing it out.

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