Friday, June 26, 2009

Want to be rich? - Part 16

We have so far established that there is a definite effort that we need to put in order to achieve the riches that we desire. But mindless effort will achieve you nothing. Directionless effort, unfocused thrashing of hands and feet seldom gets you what you desire. Now, if only you could focus your energies and push.

You therefore need to set a goal. Quantitative goals are better. But qualitative goals also helps. And the reason you need to do this is so that the universe responds. Oh! Ok, I was just poking a bit of fun at The Secret. (Come on! Be serious). And the reason you need to do this is so that you are motivated. If you have a goal in your mind and you see you initial efforts getting you towards that, you are motivated. That's what helps.

Understanding quantitative goals are easy. You can look to get a return of, say, 15%, over a period of 6 months. Or something similar. You could also set a goal to pay off your home loan in 6 years instead of 15 years (this by the way worked for me, though not by means of huge returns from investment; rather from savings). I would advise setting goals that are achievable but slightly beyond your zone of comfort. You need to strive towards it, right? Once you are on a roll, you can go for stretch targets.

Ok, what about qualitative goals? This could be fuzzy but needs to motivate you. I can share my qualitative goals with you ... and it is as follows:

All the purchases I make on Internet shall be from the money I earn from my Internet activities.

Now, this may seem foolish and easily circumvented. But it works for me. Choose whatever works for you - whatever motivates you to become rich.

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Nice article on this, being rich is always my first thing to do and this thing helped me alot by doing so. I'll hope to visit it again.

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