Monday, December 28, 2009

Are Cricketers Sissies?

Am I the only one seeing it this way, or there others with similar opinion?

Here's a list of equipment that a batsman has for protection against fast bowlers:

a) Helmet often with a visor - to protect the head, the temple, and the face.

b) Gloves - to protect the fingers

c) Pads - to protect the knee and the shin

d) Abdomen Guard - to protect the family jewels

e) Thigh Guard, Elbow Guard, Arm Guard, Chest Guard - to protect, well, thigh, elbow, arm, and chest.

Is there any part of the body that is exposed that could be damaged by a fast ball?

Oh yes! The foot.

So, the batsmen wear some pretty heavy duty shoes.

So why was yesterday's ODI between India and Srilanka canceled?

Was the pitch that bad?

Or was it because the Srilankan team were scared of beaten hollow having scored very few runs on the board?

Or is it that cricketers are now used to only flat pitches and they have forgotten how to duck and weave and hook and pull? (Hey! We make 300+ runs on flat pitches. We must be great!)

Or was it because it was a dead rubber and Srilankan and Indian players just wanted to go home and relax?

Or are the Cricketers plain sissies?

I think they should switch to playing with tennis balls.

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