Friday, December 25, 2009

Great Resource for MBA Students and a Job Opportunity

Internet can be such a tease.
There are occasions when a google search could be so frustrating. You try and try but never get what you desire. Only lot of junk.
And some days, a little digging could turn out to be serendipitous.
Consider this ...
I am reading Globality and one of the authors is an Indian, Arindam K. Bhattacharya. The back cover indicates that he works at The Boston Consulting Group's New Delhi office. On a lark I decided to check out the BCG website.
And guess what I discovered?
They actually have a wonderful page - carefully hidden within their "Join BCG" page - that lets you actually practice on a few business cases. They call it Practice Cases. I think this is a great resource for an MBA student. Even if you are not an MBA student or an MBA degree holder, but were always interested in business management, this is a great (fun!) resource. Try it out. Who knows? You may actually end up applying for and getting a job at the BCG!!! Won't that be fun? Yes, you may thank me profusely. On this blog.
Or perhaps you are in middle management vying for a top post and wish to get an edge (in a nice way) over your colleague, this could help you. Imagine saying in a meeting, "From a size and growth perspective, this looks like a very attractive market." (I am just joking, of course!)
They also have what the call an Interactive Case page. It is definitely worth trying that out too.
Let me know if you enjoyed cracking these business situation.
And if you really enjoy business case studies, why not visit this too.

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