Monday, December 7, 2009

Shaming Into Positive Action

It is unlikely that any of you would have come across this advertisement. It is very industry specific and relates to the aerospace industry.
The advertisement shows a DAC International's Gen-X Electronic Flight Bag in a fish tank with this wonderful catch phrase ... NOT THAT YOU WOULD BUT YOU COULD.

Now this can be used in a variety of scenario. Here goes ...

To the world leaders meeting at Copenhagen from today: Not that you would but you could [make the world a better place]

To the environmental scientists: Not that you would but you could [stop squabbling and do some real scientific work]

To Mukesh and Anil Ambani: No that you would but you could [stop converting your sibling rivalry into corporate war]

To the terrorists: Not that you would but you could [start behaving like decent human beings for a change]

You get the idea. The use is almost universal.
An extremely brilliant, use-in-all-situations kind of phrase, don't you agree?

And finally to myself: Not that you would but you could [stop publishing such crap in the name of serendipity on this blog]

How would you like to use it?

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