Friday, December 25, 2009

Free Online Brain Training

This is an excellent site.
Just playing games for 10 minutes a day - just 10 minutes - will help sharpen your brain power.
And what is more, IT IS FREE.
They have many interesting games. And the brain area they focus on are: Speed, Memory, Attention, Flexibility and Problem Solving.
So, without hesitation register yourself at Lumosity and reclaim your brain (this is Lumosity's TM).
Highly recommended!
One day you will return to this blog to thank me.

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brain training pro said...

Thanks for this recommendation.

For some serious brain training your readers might want to see what Mind Sparke has to offer.

gdash1 said...

Lumosity has a good suite of games. I myself suscribe to their mthly prgm. For total brain health, you need to know the 4 pillars of brain health.. 1) mental exercise, 2) physical exercise, 3) nutrition and 4) stress management. They are all equally important.

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