Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Time For New Year Resolutions; Already?

New Year Resolutions?
There is time yet I am sure!
Sadly no.

Most New Year Resolutions fail within the first few weeks.
Perhaps, we make such resolutions at the spur of the moment without giving it proper thought or planning.

Merely promising yourself that you are committed to something is not sufficient.
So, if you are serious about resolutions, you may wish to pick up tips from Chris Guillebeau.

Here's another tip: Since an important part of new resolutions is to look back at what has been, a great place to start is your emails. If you are the type who does not regularly delete emails from your "Sent Items", it might be worthwhile browsing from Jan 2009. You will be amazed by what you discover.

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Shas said...

Thanks for reminding that its time to make new or renew new year resolutions. So, far it has hardly worked for me coz i never tried it seriously. Hope i do it this time.

Anonymous said...

My new year resolution for 2010 is not to make any.

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