Wednesday, November 5, 2008

America Can Rejoice Today but Four Years Down The Line ...

America has swept race aside. In one telling statement they have proved Martin Luther King Jr right. But then such changes do not come overnight. Today may be a proud moment of American history, but the seeds of this were definitely sowed much before. America must have been ready for quite some time now. Otherwise do you think Obama could even dream of becoming the president of USA?

That said, the real work, of course, starts after the initial euphoria dies down. The real test of America will be 4 years down the line. Will Obama have to do more than other past presidents to get re-elected for a second term? (I am assuming that he will do better than many presidents; ok! some presidents; alright! alright! at least one president who managed to get re-elected nevertheless).

The real change can be witnessed in America only 4 years down the line.

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