Friday, November 21, 2008

Posthumous Nobel Prize For Einstein

This is a standard quiz question in schools and colleges ... For what was Einstein awarded the Nobel prize? The answer is surprisingly: "For Photoelectric Effect; not Theory of Relativity." Einstein is long dead and gone. And Nobel prize is not offered posthumously. A pity!

Turns out that Einstein is very much alive among scientists. Recently scientists have proved that the famous equation E = mc2 is correct after all. See this piece of news.

However, if you think there is a general agreement on Einstein's greatness. Think again. Visit here to see a scathing attack on Einstein (Albert Einstein, Plagiarist of the Century)

A more unbiased discussion on Albert Einstein's claim on E = mc2 is here

My views: Poincaré may have come very close to the theory of relativity but he did not have the leap of imagination that Einstein had. While all scientists of that era had taken "ether" into account to describe the phenomenon of light and relativity, it required a total genius to reject the idea of "ether" and assume that the velocity of light is constant is a given. That also requires guts.

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