Sunday, October 26, 2008

So You Think Einstein Was A Genius!

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All of us have our favourite genius. Einstein comes to most minds when asked. There is also a tendency to mix up role model and genius.

I found this interesting list from the book How To Think Like Leonardo da Vinci. (More about this in a future blog, I promise).

I quote from the book:

In the Book of Genius Tony Buzan and Raymond Keene make the world's first objective attempt to rank the greatest geniuses of history. Rating their subjects in categories including "Originality," "Versatility," "Dominance-in-Field," "Universality-of-Vision," and "Strength and Energy," they offer the following as their "top ten."

10. Albert Einstein
9. Phidias (architect of Athens)
8. Alexander the Great
7. Thomas Jefferson
6. Sir Issac Newton
5. Michelangelo
4. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
3. The Great Pyramid Builders
2. William Shakespeare
1. Leonardo da Vinci

Lists are meant to be disputed. What is your list?

Note: The picture used belogs to Josep Altarriba. To see more such photogrpahs visit his gallery.

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Poietes said...

1. Leonardo da Vinci
2. Albert Einstein
3. Mozart
3. Aristotle
4. Michelangelo
5. Copernicus
6. Archimedes
7. Beethoven
8. Galileo
9. Marilyn Vos Savant
10. Gary Kasparov

Amitabh said...

Very interesting list Poietes!

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