Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Any One Can Write A Book On Management

You don't believe me -- read on. My first book on Management (brief sketch)

White Water Rafting & Management

White Water Rafting can teach us valuable lessons in management and leadership. Like everything in life valuable lessons can be accrued [editor (me): need to use impact words] while having fun [editor: note the deliberate attempt to generalise].

As an adventure sport White Water Rafting is unparalleled [editor: always use superlatives without actually using words like the best, greatest, etc.] It emphasises a oneness [editor: Zen, anyone!] of the mind and the body and at the same time inculcates team spirit.

But what is not apparent [editor: to anyone but yours truly] is that White Water Rafting holds within itself valuable leadership lessons.

[editor: The lessons will then be broken down in sections and the go like this]

1. The importance of preparation
1.a Defining goals to the team or how to survive the rapids without any major damage
1.b Explaining risks and mitigation action or how the most dangerous object is the paddle
1.c Training or how to tie the life jacket, hold the paddle and stay in the raft

2. On the Spot Leadership
2.a Team SWOT or how to assess the team's strength and weaknesses
2.b Team Effectiveness or how to utilize strength and compensate weakness

3. Execution
3.a Keep watching or how to look out for rocks and rapids
3.b Quick action or how not to respond at the last moment
3.c Gliding Past or how to use minimum strength for maximum effectiveness
3.d Precise Communication or how to "get down, hold on"

4. Team Work
Finally it is all team work.

5. Chill! [editor: also use lingo to identify with the riff-raff]
5.a Get away from it all.
5.b Recharge your batteries
5.c Mother nature has lots to offer

[editor: the middle pages will have photographs of the author river rafting]

There you have it. A management best seller (cross your fingers) in 5 acts.

Many years ago, shortly after returning from my White Water Rafting trip, I had delivered a mandatory management lecture to the managers of a company and the boss was suitably impressed.

And all I spent was 15 minutes of undivided attention to extract something out of my expedition.

Any body can write a book on management - certainly easier than fiction. The point is can any body write a good one?

Note: The picture used here belongs to Svilen Mushkatov. To see more of his pictures please visit his gallery.

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