Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Communists Come To Aid of the Capitalists

Ok! It is not the same as the cold war years. But you would agree that the title of this blog is catching - the newspapers and the magazines do this all the time.

But am I wrong? See for yourself:

First, Russia helps out Iceland with cpital injection - read here.

And now leading economic thinkers are actually toying with the idea that China could save US. Read here.

Looks like Indira Gandhi had all the right ideas when she nationalised all the banks in India way back in the 70's. Poor service but at least the hard earned depositor's money is safe. Today, the people of India believe that even if all the private banks and institution crash, SBI and LIC will survive. (This could be illusion too - remember UTI and US64).

Note: The photograph used belongs to Ilker. Please visit here to see more such photgraphs.

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