Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Destination Moon & Beyond

Tomorrow India will wake up to its first mission to moon. Here's wishing all the Indian space scientists and engineers all the very best. I hope it the mission is a grand success.

And in case someone from the team is reading this right now, here's my wish list:

1) Be the first to send a manned mission to Mars.
2) Join the International Space Station missions.
3) Complete the long pending hypersonic plane.
4) Become so successful that the first choice of a young brilliant student would be to pursue basic sciences.
5) Be so successful that all scientists and engineers who have left ISRO comes back to join you.
6) Send an Indian to moon - and let that be me ;-)

Note: The picture used here belongs to G Schouten de Jel. To see more of his pictures visit his gallery.

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Amitabh Mukherjee said...

Follow up:

The Chandrayaan is in earth's orbit.

Yogeesh said...

Send an Indian to moon - and let that be me ;-)

This reminds me of Ravi Kamath's dialogue:

"Hey Bhagwaan, tu sabko bhalaa kar, shuru mujhse kar!"

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