Thursday, October 16, 2008

An Obama-McCain Debate In India

Just now saw a repeat telecast of the last presidential on CNN. Obama and McCain, as one would expect, were criticizing each others proposed policies and McCain was a little more aggressive since this was his last chance to catch up. But that's not what I wish to blog about. Two points that stood out in contrast to the political debates I have seen on Indian TV was as follows:

a) Most important, the moderator did not love his voice. Minutes before before the CNN repeat telecast I saw Arnab Goswami constantly interrupting the speakers - rather aggressively - on the Goa Minister's son's issue who is involved in alleged rape. In disgust I had to switch channel. The Obama-McCain moderator, I could not catch his name, would ask a question and let the two proponents speak, without interrupting.

b) Not once did Obama interrupt McCain or vice-versa during the debate.

I would love to see such kind of debate between Dr. Manmohan Singh and Lal Krishna Advani where each would get a chance to spell out what his policies are and how his policies are better than the other. A debate that gives the Indian people to understand their stand on real issues beyond the rhetoric.

I understand that parliamentary government as practiced in India is different from the presidential form of democracy practiced in US, but I am sure both these gentlemen will talk on behalf of their parties on issues such as health, education, economy, poverty and sports.

The only condition being the debate will be conducted with dignity and grace.

Note: The picture used here belongs to Lynne Lancaster. To see more such pictures visit the picture gallery here.

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Ashwin said...

Hi Amitabh,

I did watch the US presidental debate. We have lot to learn from them. We come to know each of them as a person and his stand on various issues. This will help as an individual to select the right person.

I would love to see Dr. Manmohan Singh and Advani debtae. Both national level and state level is preferred.



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