Thursday, October 30, 2008

Google To The Rescue

Just when I thought I was on the verge of a great discovery ...
Thank God for Google, I stopped short of making a fool of myself.

This happened this morning when I was reading Against The Gods. As I was going through Pascal's Triangle, it struck to me that all the rows of the triangle were powers of 11.

For example the first row is 1 (=11^0). The 2nd row is 11 (=11^1), 3rd row 121 (=11^2), 4th row 1331 (=11^3).

This got me all excited as I had not read this pattern anywhere before. Obviously I haven't read enough. Before putting this up on my blog, I decided to google Pascal's Triangle. Good thing I did.

See here.
It has the Pascal's Triangle in terms of power of 11 and more.

Of course this site does not tell you why the probability of having at least 1 girl (or a boy) in a family of 2 children being planned by a young couple is 75%. This can be computed using the Pascal's Triangle. But I am sure you can Google this information too.

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