Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama vs McCain - an Indian's choice

I have been told that if McCain wins it will be good for India. Why? Because Obama is more anti-outsourcing. On the other hand, as per a very hard hitting article by Paul Krugman that appeared in The Week, titled The Frightening McCain, is, well, frightening. McCain is accused not only of having no economic sense but also of having surrounded himself with economically-illiterate advisors. So what choice does an Indian has?

I am, of course, aware that the next President of the US will do whatever is good for Americans. Any impact on India is incidental. Besides, no American gives a damn what an Indian residing in India chooses. But going by financial tsunami unleased by unregulated American financial market, I would rather wish for an anti-outsourcing person as the next American president rather than face another economic disaster brought in by misguided economic policies.

Just one point: The week also points out in a survey that the Americans are worried most about the state of economy. For better or worse, whatever be the actions taken, and who-even takes the actions, the world will recover by 2010. And if Obama is the elected president, does that mean the Americans will have to be content with a democrat when what they require at that point of time is a republican?

Hmmmm... I need to learn more about American politics.

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David Ansara said...

For an interesting look at Obama's foreign policy vis-a-vis Africa see my post "Obama and Africa: a local perspective."

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