Thursday, October 2, 2008

Survival Of The Sickest

This book came to me by accident. The India Today Book Club had sent me an editor's collection and I hated it when I first saw it. Ok! I am interested in evolution and I thought I knew all about the germ theory. I thought it was just another book that had a clever title. I mean what kind of book could Survival Of The Sickest be. I very reluctantly turned the pages. And I was hooked.

The chapter on interaction of environment, evolution and diabetes itself is worth the price of whole book.

We all worry about Cholesterol. Have you ever asked yourself why do we have cholesterol in the first pace? Why on earth should an organism build cholesterol in the first place. Doesn't make evolutionary sense, does it? I have started taking a walk in the afternoon sun with sun-glasses after I read the chapter "cholesterol also rises." So what is the connection between sunglasses and cholesterol. You need to read the book for that.

I won't be surprised if Dr. Sharon Moalem, the author of this book, goes on to win the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his work on Alzheimer's. You can then claim that you discovered him before the Nobel Committee.

Note: The photograph used belongs to Jhon Casso. Please go here to see more such photographs.

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