Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Nuclear Deal - Hidden Agenda

So finally the nuclear deal is through. Some rejoice and other are critical. Before passing a judgment though it is worth revisiting the hidden (is it really?) agenda that made this possible.

1) It makes pure business sense. China and India are two power hungry on-high-growth-trajectory countries. China is self sufficient. India is a big market for nuclear suppliers.

2) Pakistan may turn into a rogue state. Even if does not, fight against terrorism will result in conflict between USA and Pakistan. USA will require strategic support. Sooner or later. Besides, America requires India to neutralize China.

3) Apart from market for civil nuclear power, the so called dual-use technology is also a big market. American defense companies are already making inroads. This will open up the market a little more.

4) US will hope for India's support in countering Iran. Israel is too militant.

5) My guess is that US will next support India's bid for a permanent seat in UN Security Council. The underlying assumption being that two democracies will think and act alike (on most of the issues).

I think, the 123 agreement is the first of many such agreements to come.

Note: The photograph used belongs to Neil Gould. Please go here to see more such photographs.

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