Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tips For Marketing Executives

Seems to me that blogs could be of great source of input to marketing executives. Especially those who market internationally.
Here's how ...

See the world map on your right. Almost all bloggers have a variation of this map. Notice that there is a trend that emerges. Heavy viewing of English news blog in Northern America, Western Europe and it cuts across Asia almost in a straight line - with very few in China and Japan. Now, I am not saying that is a representative of all News Blogs. But all a marketer needs to do is pick up the first 100 top English news blog (unfortunately, I am not there yet) and look for the trend.

Similar, if you see a similar map in my other blog you will find a heavy concentration of viewers in Eastern USA and Western Europe. This is the locus of aerospace industry, in any case.

So, if you are into exporting food, pick up blogs on food and check out the trend. Check out the posts that has invoked the maximum interest. You now have a ready market for your stuff. Or at least you have identified the geographical areas where you need to concentrate on. Internet would be your main medium, but by poking around you could also figure out the correct medium. For example, checkout blogs on TV. See the content and the locus of hits. Determine if there is any overlap.

You could also go contrariwise. Seek out the areas that are largely blank. These are unexplored, virgin areas for your product. Be careful though. It could be that the Internet may not have penetrated into those areas as much as USA or Europe. It could also be that you are checking the wrong language blogs.

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