Thursday, November 27, 2008

Terrorists Are A Bunch Of Idiots

Many explitives - such as those questioning their parenthood, etc. - come to mind but I choose this - idiot - carefully. What exactly is their game plan? Do they think they can bring a city like Mumbai to its knees? Or do they think because of their repeated attacks, India will suddenly say "Oh! We are so afraid. Take what you want. Leave us alone."? Fat chance! Only a bunch of idiots can think they can frighten the world into submission.

I don't think they even have any goals left. Look for Indian citizens, US citizens, British Nationals and kill? To what purpose? What will they achieve? No idea!

So here is an open message to terrorists. Do what you want to do. Mumbai will soon return to normalcy. We will stand with our heads high and crush you - sooner or later. India and the World will celebrate life while you can go and hunt for soft targets - such as your mothers

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Ange "The Cactus" T. said...

Hi Amitabh -- Apparently, anybody of any other nationality is taken hostage. Not just American or British, which is just a lame pathetic excuse. Or what the Western media would like us to believe.

[Unwilling sacrificial lambs of Islamist Terrorists. Poor things.]

I said this because a Singaporean was held hostage at the Taj. But thank god, she managed to escape to safety.

Anonymous said...

Hiya, Amitabh, I agree with your title completely. Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my photo and yeah I have been guilty of bumping you too. All's fair in love and blog wars.

Lots of good articles here in your blog, will visit again soon.
Take care.
Mal :)

Tanya Singh said...

Hi Amitabh
Thanks for commenting on my blog.

I believe you are right about these people. However its frustating that their actions leave terrible consequences for the families of those killed. I am sure that the terrorists get their just desserts eventually whether in this life or the next few.

Ange "The Cactus" T. said...

Hi Amitabh -- said hostage was killed as of this evening. What did I say about lame pathetic excuse?

The hotel was the Oberion, sorry about the mistake.

Amitabh said...

You were absolutely right. (You don't like the western press, do you?)
It is rumoured that two of the terrorists were Britons of Pakistani origin. Perhaps they were looking for their countrymen and the the hostages heard them.
As per the latest news 14 foreigners of various nationalities have been killed.

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