Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Financial Mess Explained

Economists and Financial gurus still trying to understand the financial meltdown phenomenon. That way they could offer solutions that hopefully make them as famous as Keynes, post-1929 depression. Come on! I would do the same if I were one. This kind of opportunity does not come every other day, does it?

Ok now seriously, A very good analysis of the financial mess and a solution is offered in a blog here. This was published as recently as 14th November.

This blog used the term "CDO" very liberally, assuming that everyone would understand it. In case you do not, please go here for clarification.

Pictures speak a thousand words. Very true. Take a walk down the 'bank street' in this interactive feature in the Financial Times website (here). Very interesting.

Staying with the theme of pictures-speaking-a-thousand-words, visit another interactive at FT, here, and launch the interactive to see pictorially what happened. It is brilliant.

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