Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mumbai Martyrs - We Salute You

Those who died in their line of duty saving lives of others. I salute you. Your death will not go in vain.

Ambados Pawar, Constable
Ashok Kamte, Deputy Inspector General
Chander, Commando, NSG*
Dudgude, Sub Inspector
Gajendra Singh Bisht, Hawaldar, NSG
Jaywant Patil, Constable
Hemant Karkare, Inspector General of Police
M.C. Chaudhary, Constable
Nanasaheb Bhonsle, Assistant Sub Inspector
Ombele, Assistant Sub Inspector
Prakash More, Sub Inspector
Sandeep Unnikrishnan, Major, NSG
Sushant Shinde, Police Inspector
Vijay Khandekar, Constable
Vijay Salaskar, Police Inspector
Yogesh Patil, Constable

* Commando Chander's death during the operation was indicated in the news on Friday, but I cannot find any more reference thereafter. The newspapers and news channels talk about 2 NSG deaths. Could someone please confirm my list. It has 3 NSG commandos.

Note: The photo used belongs to Michal Zacharzewski. To see his pictures go to his gallery here.

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nikita said...

That's very sad what happened! Thanks for your visit to my blog too and I do appreciate your comments, I will have a look at your blog some time later today, having a flu and not feeling so well, nice entry!

SallyO said...

That's a very nice thought to list all the names of the people who gave their lives doing their job. Thank you.

Frank Jump said...

Very scary on the cusp of the Obama victory in the US. This is just going to increase tension between Pakistan and India- which may be the motivation of the terrorists, who are nihilists and driven by their "nothing to lose" motivations.

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