Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wake Your Mind Up

Didn't you always want to become a genius? Without trying, of course! Wouldn't you like to achieve more in less time? Resolve difficult problems at one glance? I always wanted to do this. Imagine walking into a room full of people struggling with a tough issue. You have a glance at the flip charts, shrug, offer a solution and walk out leaving everyone flabbergasted. Now that would be something! Such 'wow' moments have been few and far between. But I never stopped dreaming.

I am not alone in my thinking though - the market is flooded with how-to-think-like-a-genius type self-development books. I have always tried to avoid such books. I have always viewed them with suspicion. If only becoming a genius was that easy ...

But I have two. One is How To Think Like Leonardo da Vinci by Michael J. Gelb. I have blogged on this before. Here. Not sure whether this helped me or not, but the only reason I am learning German is this book. (You need to read the book to find the connection - though it is very obvious).

Some time ago I succumbed to another book. It was the title that caught my attention. The Mind Gym: Wake Your Mind Up. I must have purchased this book about a year ago and only today managed to force myself to read it. It lay untouched all these months. The book comes with a free membership to the mind gym website.

Will let you know as the days progress if this book helps me use my brain in new ways. You can check it out as well.

Wish me luck!

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Yogeesh said...

I just created free account with Mind Gym. Their help text is just too good. Read it for yourself:

We're really sorry if you're having problems. It's a real pain when technology doesn't do what you want it to do and, quite frankly, it's probably our fault, not your computer's, so we're the ones you should be shouting at.

Please let us know in as much detail as you can what the matter is and we'll do our darndest to fix it. And if you want to get angry with us too, that's no problem, we completely understand. Give it your all.
Explain the problem?

It would be a great help if you could also cut and paste the address at the top of the browser which says what page you're on and put it in this box. If you're having trouble registering a book, please include the book code in your message. We promise to get back in 48 hours and hopefully a lot sooner. Thanks so much for letting us know what the problem is rather than, say, just logging off and never coming back again. With more people like you, everything will get a lot smoother very soon.

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