Saturday, August 8, 2009

Are you being over paid?

Are you over-paid?
Are you bored of your job?
Then you are perhaps being over-paid.

Consider this ...

[I]n the late 1950s, Leon Festinger did a famous series of experiments in which he asked subjects (undergraduate students) to do tedious menial tasks (such as sticking a set of plain pegs into an (sic!) plain board). Here's the rub: some subjects were paid well ($20, a lot of money in 1959), but others, poorly ($1). Afterward, all were asked how much they liked the task. People who were paid well typically confessed to being bored, but people who were paid only a dollar tended to delude themselves into thinking that putting all those pegs into little holes was fun.

I love my job!
I think it is time to ask for a pay revision :D

The above is extracted from Kluge by Gary Marcus.

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Shas said...

I jus love to read your posts. They are short n sweet.

Amitabh said...

@Shas, thanks for encouraging me to go on. I need lots of it.

Sanoop said...

So is the converse true? If i ask for a pay hike, does it mean I love my job :-p ?

Anyways, i think the reason why the $1 subjects were enthu was they treated work as play. There were many scenarios in my XP wherein a solution to a strange problem was found and in all means could be classified as an improbable solution.. all by a game of permutations and combinations coupled with light headed humourous atmosphere around us albeit the seriousness is always lurking around somewhere during the whole process..

Do read the contents in the following link... After its implementation, work will never be called "work" again. Always keep smiling :-) !!!

PS:I too agree with Shas...

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