Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Things to do at London

Marble Arch

Here are a few things to do when you are in London. Note that you cannot do all of it in one go. But eventually you will get there.

1. Take a walk on Oxford Street and get the Mumbai feel in London.
Oxford Street
2. Visit Harrods to see women falling over themselves to catch a sale.
3. See a movie in Odeon.
4. See an Egyptian Mummy in the British Museum - entry is free.
5. Take a walk in the Hyde Park or the Kensington Garden or any of the numerous green spots in London.
Kensington Garden
6. Visit the National Art Gallery - entry if free.
7. Watch a play - I am not likely to forget my experience of the Starlight Express in this life or the next.
8. Walk from St. Paul's Cathedral to the Tate's Gallery of Modern Art over the Millennium Bridge. Stop a while on the Millennium Bridge and see river Thames flowing by. (Entry to Tate's Gallery is free.)
9. Time yourself to see the Tower Bridge open up to let a ship pass.
10. Visit Greenwich. Stand with your legs on both sides of the Prime Meridian. Ask someone to click a photograph of you striding the east and the west at the same time.
11. Be wowed by the life size Diplodocus at the entrance of the Museum of Natural History.
12. See the Tipu's Tiger at the Victoria and Albert Museum.
13. Buy science toys for your kids at the Science Museum.
14. Tired of museums? Sit at the Trafalgar Square - preferably in the evening and see humanity enjoy life. (I once arrived much before the opening hours of the National Art Gallery. So I went and sat on a bench at the Trafalgar Square. There were a couple of people around. And it was nice and sunny. It is not a bad place to while away your time at that time of the day too).
15. Take a ride down the history of London at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.
16. Go to Piccadilly Circus on a Saturday around midnight. I think the whole of the London youth congregates there.
17. Get a 1 Pound (dry) massage done on the main road at China Town.
18. Regain your childhood at Hamleys.

This is all I could think of in one sitting.
Care to add to the list?

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Thats awesome.
Very good read.

Did u forget to include Premier League Football in Chelsea or arsenal stadium??????

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