Monday, August 24, 2009

Global Warming - Fact or Fiction

In a planet far, far away there lived a carbon-based species who evolved to such great heights that they developed silicon-based intelligence that could live. The silicon-based intelligence could assemble its own kind and thus procreate. The carbon-based living things also destroyed their own environment by not understanding that they were products of the environment and dependent on it. That planet is now inhabited by silicon-based intelligence (basically, robots). Once in a while they send their UFOs to visit us. When the UFOs go back and report about Global Warming, many robots shake their heads in disbelief: Are the carbon-based intelligence destined to repeat history? Will they always grow in intelligence but not in wisdom? Some are pleased: they anyways are looking out for other planets to inhabit - they are running short of space; let the earthling destroy themselves. We will secure the place without a fight. What fun!

You think this is fiction?
Prove it!

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