Saturday, August 22, 2009

Global Warming and God

There could be up to four responses to the perceived threat of Global Warming.

(a) The threat is real and I want to do something about it. And make some feeble attempts at it.
(b) The threat is real but there is nothing I can do about it.
(c) The threat does not exist. Global Warming is hyped.
(d) So what?

You would go wrong if you pick up any of the above options.

Because if you are concerned and perceive the threat as real, you would already be ...

(i) Cycling to work
(ii) Harvesting rain water
(iii) Teaching your kids / rooms mates / family members why the taps need to be closed while brushing
(iv) Replaced all incandescent bulbs with CFL bulbs
(v) Experimenting with new ideas to reverse the trend

You would choose option (e)The threat is real and present. And I *am* acting to change the world.

In that aspect Global Warming is like God. If God does not exist, believing or not is not going to harm you. But if s/he exists, then you better believe. It logically flows that since we do not know, it is safe to believe.

Similarly, it is better to accept that Global Warming is taking place and act accordingly.

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neeraj said...

Amit, It is very unfortunate that most people do not really act until some things really start intervening their lives personally and significantly. We have a common tendency or a mentality - Why should I? or Why me alone? Things become serious and gather importance only when they are really escalated!

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