Saturday, August 29, 2009

I want to be Jason Bourne

Don't get me wrong.

I do not want to be an assassin or even a reformed one at that.
I do not want to wield a pen or a rolled up magazine as a weapon.
I do not want to run flat out, at a high altitude, for half an hour before my hand starts shaking.
I just want to speak 6-7 languages with Jason Bourne's fluency in local accent.

The way Bourne switches between different languages is stuff what dreams are made of.
I know in movies all this is possible.
What we see on the silver screen is perfection - behind it all are hundreds of takes and retakes.
But that is what idols are for - they are perfect and we strive towards perfection.

We all find our idols in most unlikely places.
Who is your Jason Bourne?

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Serge Gorodish said...

Absolutely. But even outside the movies this is possible. People are too quick to give up on amazing possibilities--probably because it relieves you of the responsibility for getting off your but and doing something.

I'm a big believer in turning to fictional characters for inspiration. Rocky, for determination, and staying in shape. Indiana Jones, for pluck, coping with fallibility (and languages, too!). Derek Flint, for taking pleasure in everything the world has to offer.

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