Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Good Resumes

These are two sentences from the covering letter of the CV I just received:

1. I vividly see that, my project work, coupled with short work experience and exposure glue very well with the domain in which your esteemed company is operating

2. As you will note from my resume, my courses, programming languages and project work become very much relevant and certainly help me in making an immediate punch.

My advice to all those who are seeking jobs when no company is willing to recruit ...

a) Bombastic English on CV covering letter doesn't work.
b) Write plain, simple English sentences.
c) Format the CV such that it is easy to locate relevant information.
d) Read and re-read so that there are no typos. Typos reflect carelessness and is unpardonable in the age of live spell-checking.

e) Maintain uniform font.

What I always look for in a CV but rarely find on any is a one page abstract on the top of the CV. Details of work experience and projects can follow.

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