Monday, August 10, 2009

Philosophy at an Early Age

There are so many innovations happening all around the world. I wish there were some way to check it all out. And this one that I picked up at the fag end of Kluge by Gary Marcus is supposed to be more than 30 - that is not a typo, it is thirty - years old. And it goes by the name Philosophy For Children.

Studies in teaching so-called critical thinking skills are showing increasingly promising results, with lasting effects that can make a difference. Among the most impressive is a recent study founded on a curriculum known as "Philosophy for Children," which, as its name suggests, revolves around getting children to think about - and discuss - philosophy. Not Plato and Aristotle, mind you, but stories written for children that are explicitly aimed at engaging children in philosophical issues. ... Kids of ages 10-12 who were exposed to a version of this curriculum for 16 months, for just an hour a week, showed significant gains in verbal intelligence, nonverbal intelligence, self-confidence, and independence.

Two questions:
1) Why didn't I know about it till date?
2) Why are my children still studying moral education at school? Instead of P4C?

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