Saturday, August 29, 2009

Doing Spanish in Tiny Bits

I love the way Spanish has reduced many of the most commonly used phrases into small words. Let's take a few examples:

one letter words

y = and (pronounced "ee")
o = or
a = to (pronounced "aa")

other small words

va = You are going to (as in, va comer = you are going to eat)
voy = I am going to (as in, voy comer = I am going to eat)
hay = There is or there are


This is the most brilliant of all.
To negate anything just put a "no" in front of the verb, like this ...

Tengo hamre = I am hungry
No tengo hamre = I am not hungry

Me gusta esta = I like this
No me gusta esta = I don't like this

Watch this space. I will be putting more such words / phrases as and when I come across them.

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