Monday, August 31, 2009

COP15 - It's All About Location

Someone chose wisely.

For some time I actually thought the 'COP' in COP15 (The United Nations Climate Change Conference) stood for Copenhagen. Turns out that COP stands for Conference Of Parties and this is the 15th such, hence the name COP15.

In any case, no place could be better than Copenhagen for such a conference.

Copenhagen is regarded as the most environmental friendly city in the world.
The whole city revolves around the concept of green.
Around 37% of the population go to work on bicycles. And the figure is rising.
Organic produce is an in thing there.
The hotels are rated on how 'green' they are.
The street lighting is environmental friendly.

With so much emphasis on environment, one would assume that companies would shy away from investing there.
Well, what do you know!
It ranks high in the list of desirable locations to invest.

So green makes business sense too.

PS: Have you signed up the Seal The Deal Petition yet?

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