Tuesday, January 13, 2009

9 Things To Do Before I Die

I am reminded of Ghalib's couplet as I type out this blog ...

Hazaron khwaishein aisi ki har khwaish par dum niklay
Bahut niklay merein armaan lekin phir bhi kam niklay.

Almost impossible to translate but here goes a very loose one ...

There are a thousand wishes, each worth dying for.
Many such of mine have been fulfilled but they are a few in number.

Urdu poetry lovers will crucify me for such a rotten translation, but the meaning is conveyed.

In my case, there are 9 such worth-dying-for wishes.

Before I die I would love to ...

1. Visit Manasarovar

2. Scuba dive at the Great Barrier Reef

3. Visit Machu Picchu in Peru

4. Write a book - even if only one copy is published

5. See our Earth from the space

6. Swim with the Dolphins in open ocean

7. See a Cheetah hunting for food

8. Fly in a Hot Air Balloon

9. See Penguins in Antarctica

Why only 9?
The 10th one is for you to suggest :-)

Note: 1) The picture of the lake (not Manasarovar) belongs to Chiaan Yang (see gallery)
2) The picture of the Great Barrier Reef belongs to Lachlan Taylor (see gallery)
3) The picture of Machu Picchu belongs to Caetano Lacerda (see gallery)
4) The image of earth from space belongs to Dimitri Castrique (see gallery)
5) The picture of the Dolphins belong to Rachel Gilmore (see gallery)
6) The photograph of the bronze animals belong to Outrequin JC (see gallery)
7) The photograph of the hot air balloon belongs to Kriss Szkurlatowski (see gallery)
8) The photograph of the penguins belong to Jan Will (see gallery)

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ekawaaz said...

I hope your all wishes will come true asap. About scuba divig and coral lea thing I would suggest try Andaman too..especially RedSkin Island..beautiful...

Zeon said...

Hi Amitabh, Ha ha ha... I like your list. I must say you think differently too. In an interesting way. I specially like the 4th one ;-)

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