Saturday, January 3, 2009

Guaranteed Stress Buster

This works for me. Every time. And this is no quack remedy. And the best thing you do not have to pay $$$ to some unknown advert promising you relief.

I have tried this on myself and works like wonder.

I first discovered this technique when I was learning to drive my car. You know how it is. You start learning something and you are doing fine and then hit a roadblock ... no matter what you do there doesn't seem to be any progress. So it was when I was leaning to drive. One day as I was driving I suddenly realized that my body was taut as a violin string. I then visibly relaxed ... meaning made it less taut and voila! to my surprise my ability to maneuver the car through Bangalore traffic (you have to come to Bangalore to witness for yourself what the traffic is like) improved instantaneously.

You try it. As you are reading this blog; Stop. Just turn your attention to your body. Is your back of your neck down your shoulder muscle stressed? What about your arms? And legs? Just relax these muscles. The way to relax these muscles is by just letting go. What about your eyes? Are you straining too much? Are your brows creased? Just relax your eyes ... turn away from this blog and just shut them (Ok! You can do this after finishing the reading).

I do this the whole day. As I am going through the normal routine, I stop and determine if I am holding a pen too tightly or as I am typing too hard or if my calf muscle is taut. As I am driving, I do a quick reality check. Am I gripping the steering wheel too tighty?

And how does this help?

Every time a muscle is taut you are wasting energy and the muscle is getting tired. By the end of the day, the small wasted energy all add up. And you have lost a lot of energy. Similarly, through out the day those tiny muscles get just that much tired, and they all add up.

Try visibly relaxing through out the day - the way I have described above - and let me know if at the end of the day your energy level is higher.

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ARJuna said...

Good tips sir. In my case often i have noticed that my eyebrows are frowning or fingers are gripping too tight. I'll continue to try it

Al said...

Hi. Thanks for the great tips. Happy New Year!

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