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Let's Learn German Together - Lesson 13

At the Hotel Atlantic.

The hotel is bang opposite the Bremen Airport. Your car waits for the tram to pass and stops in front of the hotel. You enter the building lobby. The hotel is to your left through the lobby.

At the reception, you find a smart gentleman, greeting you with a ...

Receptionist: "Guten Tag! Willkommen im Hotel Atlantic." (Good day! Welcome to Hotal Atlantic. Gooten Takh.Wil-com-men eem ho-tail Atlaantic.)
You: "Guten Tag! Ich heiße Rahul X. Ich habe eine reservierung." (Good Day.My name is Rahul X. I have a reservation. Gooten Takh. Issh hye-say Rahul X. Ish haabay eye-ney reser-veer-ung.))

I had to use some name! I know that Shah Rukh Khan is extremely popular in Germany. Hence Rahul :-)

R: "Ja! Herr X. Von heute bis Freitag." (Yes. My. X. From today till Friday. Ya. Hair X. Fon hoy-tay bis Fry-takh)
You: "Das ist Korrect. Was kostet das Zimmer?" (That is correct. How much does the room cost? Dass isst co-rect. Wass cost-et dass tsimmer?)
R: "Neunzig Euro pro Nacht. Mit Bad und Frühstück." (90 Euros per night. Includes bath and breakfast. Noyn-tsish Oy-row pro naakht. Mit baad oont frueh-stook.)
You: "Danke." (Thank you. Daankay)

The receptionist gives you a form to fill.

You fill up the following ...

Familie Name
Pass Nummer

First Name
Passport Number

R: "Zimmernummer einhundertdreizehn." (Room number 113. Tsimmer nummer eyen-hundert-dry-tsen)
You: "Danke!" (Thank you. Daankay)
R: "Bitte!" (You are welcome. Bittay)

Interesting Points:

1) The receptionist called you by your surname. This is normal in Germany and considered polite.
2) Generally, rooms come with a bath or a shower. But it is better to ask. Breakfast is usually included. Hotel Atlantic has a restaurant at the top of the building.
3) Note the tendency to form bigger words. All numbers are merged to form one big word. (More on bigger number in my next lesson.)
4) Joined words take the gender of the last word. Thus, Zimmer is a neuter word where as Nummer is of feminine gender. Therefore, the word Zimmernummer will be feminine. das Zimmer, die Nummer, therefore, die Zimmernummer.

Translate the following:

a) I would like a room with a bath. (check out the previous lessons for the German word for "would like")
b) I need breakfast. (check out previous lessons for the German word for "need")
c) What is your surname?
d) Where do you come from? (see previous lessons)

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