Friday, January 9, 2009

When We Die

Just coming from my friend's house. His mother died last evening. She was old, but then mothers never become old.

Just before she died, my friend told, that she cried a little.

Do we know moments before that we are dying? I think we do. It is not like we are a machine that is just switched off. The brain must be getting enough signals to know that the end is near. It is just that we have not trained our mind enough to pick up the signals long before the actual event.

But why did my friend's mother cry? Is it because she did not want to leave her loved ones behind? Or was it just physical pain? We will never know.

I will know when I die. I will definitely miss earth. It is such a beautiful place. Unfortunately I will not be able to blog my experience.

I wish we were given one last chance, just after the physical death. The mystery of death would then be solved for ever.

I don't think my mind is here. This blog is so incoherent.

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bruce said...

As a physician wife has witnessed many deaths in hospital and there is a well recognised phase when patients give up. Very often they hold out until someone has been to visit and then they give up.

As for blogging beyond the grave... if you think about it.. imagine how damaging that information would be for humans

Heidi said...

This is a beautiful and profound entry. I am glad you wrote it, despite how you felt your emotions clouded the issue.
I agree with Bruce that people who I have known that have died held on until their loved ones could be with them. That was the case with my dad. We spent US Thanksgiving together in his hospital room, and then he was gone the next morning. He was so happy and peaceful that Thanksgiving night when we left the hospital. He told us to go home and that he'd "see us in the morning." Of course, the next day when we came back and he was in the throes of death, he could not communicate and was as if in a coma. But since his death, I have had many dreams about the two of us together. They are not as frequent as in the past, but each time when I wake up, I feel so happy and peaceful, like I have had a unique visit.
I don't know what you believe about life after death, but I believe that I will see God face to face because I love Him and He has forgiven me of my sins. I will pray for your friend. I am sorry that her mother cried and that she has this last memory. I will pray for peace for her. I am so sorry.
God bless you.
Heidi Rafferty
Harrodsburg, Kentucky USA

smitha said...

"Mothers never become old" that's so very true....
The only person probably on earth who is so caring for her child...

Well it is said that before the death is approaching,one's entire life history comes in front of the eyes....
flashing all the goods,sins,happiness and sorrows one has gone through in life..since birth....
It is the human tendency to fill in eyes with tears when either deep in happiness or being unhappy
where no words come out from mouth...

May be that she would have felt that she was successful in perfoming her duties...
and all her children are well settled in life.What else would a mother expect.....

am sure We would never forget our school/college adieus where not willing to drift apart yet
the life's journey has to go on....and forced to bid the farewell.....filled with tears in eyes
a sign of both happiness(going one step ahead in life) and sorrows(missing all the joys and fun which we had being together).

God is brilliant thus keeps the death as a secret yet the contious can sense.. In your words "The brain receives signals"....
However our close ones never die as heidi has rightly told that we can feel them in dreams....
"Body is mortal,but not the soul".
May your friend's mother's soul rest in peace..!

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