Friday, January 16, 2009

Internal Dynamics Of Criticising

How often do we question ourselves?
We go by impressions.
We judge others.

Just this after noon someone told me that a person was corrupt. Why? Because he is rich? Because he is an aggressive sales person? Because he is in the real estate business?  

Want to know how our mind works? I quote from my favourite book The Black Swan.

We use reference points in our heads ... and start building beliefs around them because less mental effort is required to compare an idea to a reference point than to evaluate it in absolute.

So when we judge others, what is the reference point?
Be very careful when criticizing others. You might well be projecting yourself on to that person.

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Mini said...

Interesting thought. Been accused a lot of judging people lately... and ironically the ones who say that are probably judging me by saying that. whew! That's complicated! It would be easier to focus on our own lives and choices than evaluating others...

smitha said...

Well,i remember my school days where my teacher always told that when one points forefinger against someone the other three folded fingers (middle,ring and little)of ours points against us.
It's easy to criticise...but tough to take one when it is one's turn.
"No man on earth is perfect."

The three interesting lines of this article:
"How often do we question ourselves?
We go by impressions.
We judge others." conveys a lot of things.......a very good start to the article.

We often judge many people whom we come across in our day-to-day life.But hardly one would make an attempt to judge oneself.If that would happen then wonders can happen....short yet a very interesting bit.

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