Saturday, January 10, 2009

Create a Web Page and Earn Money

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I am not sure if I am fortunate or unfortunate to have discovered the Internet so late in life.

By discover I don't mean Google Search. I mean contributing, like blogging and modifying Wikipedia entries (I have contributed only once, but that alone kept me going for some days!).
Unfortunate because of those wasted years when I could have done a lot more.
Fortunate because it feels nice to be pleasantly surprised at this age.

In this series of pleasant surprises is what goes by the name Squidoo (clearly inspired by Scooby doo, no?).

You always wanted to blog but did not have enough time or material.
You have the material and time for blogging but do not like the appearance of a blog.
"I don't want to write a diary, I want a web page", is this what you have been telling yourself all this while?
You have a blog but you are not getting enough traffic yet. Not even when you tried my techniques of generating traffic?

Well here's your answer.

Squidoo lets you create a web page. They call it a lens, it still is a page.
You are passionate about a subject and you want to tell the world about it. Go ahead and create a page, er.. lens.
You are passionate about many subjects - totally different from each other, go ahead and create as many lens as you wish to.
The whole process is menu driven and you just fill in the forms and get a fantastic page.
You can even drive traffic to your lens, if you wish to.
The only limit is you and your creativity
And the best part it is FREE.

It is fairly easy and I took about 15 minutes to understand enough to be able to create a lens for myself. Have a look at my lens on Just Books Just For You.
Let me know if you like it.
I am so excited about it that I think I will create a few more.
Or lots more.
Just to increase my web-footprint.

And what about earning money?

They put up advertisements on the lens and you get a paid (royalty). A part of the revenue goes to charity.
If you are squeemish about earning money from the Internet, then you can donate the entire amount to an organization of your choice.

Cool! Try it!

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