Friday, December 19, 2008

Two Definite Ways To Increase Blog Traffic

After having blogged almost continuously for the last couple of months I have settled for two simple methods of increasing blog traffic:

One - Submit blog on AlphaInventions. Once you log in you would see blogs flashing across your screen in rapid succession. So instead of you visiting blogs, they are visiting you. Submit your blog to be in the reading cycle - multiple submissions is recommended (not in rapid succession please - everyone needs a chance). Imagine hundreds of blogger like you logging on to Alphainventions and checking out your blog as it flashes past your screen. Traffic multiplies. You could also pause a blog of your liking and leave a comment, which of course, is a great way of making friends and improving secondary traffic.

Warning: Alphainventions could be quite addictive.

Two - Stumbleupon. This is like surfing the net with a TV remote, except imagine a remote that randomly picks up a channel. What fun! Download the Stumbleupon toolbar and with each click discover a random page on the web. Now, you can constraint the randomness to the domain of your choice. Thus, when you stumble upon a blog of your liking, leave a comment. This increases your visibility on the net and is likely to get you return visits. The trick is in leaving more than just "excellent blog" kind of comment. Ensure that your comment is a value addition. So, whoever reads the comment would like to visit you to see what else you have blogged upon.

Both, Alphainventions and Stumbleupon, are free services.

As long as you keep your blog updated with interesting posts the above two methods will definitely improve your blog traffic. I guarantee it.

Stumble Upon Toolbar


jackie said...

just testing out the alphainventions site - certainly a new concept!

Vee... said...

Alphainvention makes sense, definitely a way to increase concept. Will give it a shot

Destination Infinity said...

Is there any way to download stumble upon bar in Google Chrome? I am hooked on to this browser, as it offsets the slow Vista. But not able to insert Stumble Upon in Chrome!!

Destination Infinity

Anonymous said...

will surely try !! thanks :)

Simply Ridiculous said...

Will try out the alpha invention thingee!!

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