Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Man In The Mirror

I think this was a scam. I saw an advertisement in the newspaper of a poem contest. I, all excited, picked up the best (as I thought it was then) and submitted my entry. Few days later I received a letter that required me to pay $35 to get my poem published ("Your poem has been shortlisted", they said) and receive a copy of the Anthology (It was called An Anthology of American Poems). I was in a low paying job but still managed to send $35 just to see my poem in print. I still have the Anthology with me. There are hundreds of verifiers whose poems are in there. The publisher must have made a tidy sum of money.

The poem is dated 30.Aug.1989 in my diary


Every morning when I shave,
I stare at a face,
Handsome, Intelligent and brave.

All these years
I thought I was ultimate.
Thus I allowed myself
To rot and stagnate.

Today for the first time
I doubted my image.
And I took my first step
to become the man in the mirror.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So atlast....I got the truth :).

So you paid them to get u'r poem publised????

Why is it called the American Anthology??

And why would you want u'r poem to be in the "American" Anthology??

Man u are gullible...the poems good and hope u become the Man in the Mirror

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